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from a nobody

i may not know you

yet you capture 

my eyes with your beauty

Your simple, Your kind

and sometimes a bully

but above all i still like you truly

You have a lot of talents

wish we both could enjoy

but will the odds be of my favor

when i’m nobody at all.


You get dressed when ever you got out of your house,

I pretty much tke a bath everyday somtimes even more than once,

we both spend morethan 9years studying in school

See, we do have things in common?

I have a well complete human parts

and im betting you do too,

you Possibly breath the air

that i breath as we both need Oxygen to live

i have a pet, a dog that i adore

and within ur past i know you got one too

you got friends you trust as

we all have ours and that is another thing

people have a lot of things in common,

but i really dont care about them

coz i cared about wat we do

so id like to ask?

do u adore Dora the explorer

coz i really want to explore

the thing we have and we dont have


Waiting in Vain

there’s a danger to both of us

a shadow from ur past

burried deep with in

like our secrets in mask

lost within the darkest hour

the thoughts of u that haunts

leaving me in misery

with memory of u surrounds

ill stayed up beside you

trying not to give up the love

until ur hands collide in mine

that i always pray from above

my soul is yours

that i cross my heart

if ever i lost u..

ill get you back afrom the start

i bet this with my life

this promise my love


lumalakbay sa daan

tumatakbong isipan

mpapahinto sa nakaraan

ala-alang naiwan

matatanaw ang ganda

madidinig ang tawa

nakaraan asan na

balikan natin ang saya

muli ngayong nagbalik

panahong kinasasabik

ating di paguunawaan

maayos na’t hayaan

upang ang nakaraan

ay atin nang balikan

ipagpatuloy ang naudlot na katuwaan

sa ating panghabang buhay na samahan


paguusap ating dinaanan

sabay na nagkaintindihan

sa aking kalooba’y nagpagaan

oras mong inilaan

kasiyahan sa aki’y kumapit

na tila baga’y napasaglit

sa balita mong binato

ginulat ako’t nilito

isipan ko’y sadyang nagliwanag

ngunit sa kadiliman muli akong nahayag

hampas ng kalungkuta’y nadamang muli

sa pagbabalik simula ang tapos na’t huli

Inspired Quotes

"Ang hiya ko’y nahiya

sabay ng ngiti  kong lumaya

paglapit mo ako’y natulala

at d malaman kung bakit natutuwa

"puso ko’y nangarera

di mhbol  itong paghinga

ako’y naging parang tanga

sa kilig nung sinbi mong tara

"sa lhat ikaw ay angat

pagkat ikaw ay sikat

sa puso ko ikaw ay dapat

dahil ikaw lang ang sasapat”

Last Chance

My old, Vday Poem…

dont say a word let me speak

dont stop me and dont you peek

ive got something to say

but dont you go, running away

spare me your time and listen first

coz this feeling would come to burst

i dont want to play any game

for it would put me into shame

l like you from the very first time

and i dont pretend even if its a crime

if you only knew how hard this to let out

well i gave a damn just to talk it all about

i use all my luck and even the chance

even if i could ever have is nothing but a glance

this cause me an actual pain, that was too deep

the remedy only is to turn it into sleep

dreaming about you is a need of my heart

coz in my dreams we wont ever be apart

this is my unending love that wont change

even if you think its a lil strange

i love you and im still falling more to you

i dont even know wat else to do

to see and feel your presence is a price

even if they think this one is a vice

so would you spare me your time

and be on a date with me this valentine?

i wont go away ill patiently stay

waiting for you until that very day


if such love

like yours

forbidden to many

is it meant also

for one like me?

why such effort

had lost together

with my love attach

for you not to

even bother?

or does heaven forbid

on such delusion

in which i believe

as the mistaken shared

sweet little kiss?

Now up above i whisper

same line i use to recite

wishing it back

for my undying angel

forever in heart

will lie.

thinking of

im thinking of a shout-out

words in my heart 

do u wanna hear about?


its from the past

that i wish

could have last


but heaven forbid

my love and doubt

for it thinks of i, a joking kind


so waiting for, as i pray

to find a hope,

even for miles away.


we aint even friends

but i ask for more

your love i yearn

as mine already fall

i want to stop

reject the feeling

but as hard as i try

i am hurt even as i was

clueless on ur doings

id like to confess

ruining what we dont even have

all or nothing is what i got.